The 3D Design App
for Schools

Everything you need to teach 3D design and printing in a classroom.

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Ranked #1 on App Store and
Google Play for "3D design".


GDPR and
COPPA compliant.


Over 2 million
downloads worldwide.

Made for Classroom

Simple 3D Design

Anyone can get designing
in just a few minutes.


Available on all platforms:
iOS, Android and Desktop.

Immersive Creativity

Design, visualise and
present anything in 3D.

3D Printable

All designs are
3D printable by default.

Tangible Outcomes

Students learn theoretical concepts best by doing. See your ideas come to life.

Smart Learning

The new era in education will see work done on tablets and mobile devices. We support them.


Students can work on projects anytime, anywhere on any device.

Shared Devices

Easy logins to support sharing devices between students.

Design Thinking

A unique program, bringing design thinkin and creative problem solving education to schools.


Up to 70%
Time Savings

70% time savings compared to teaching other 3D modeling apps through small learning curve and cross platform availability.

Based on a study conducted in Estonia, European Union.


Solution has over 1 million downloads worldwide and is used in schools in around the World.


Forward Looking

Be among the first in the world to introduce 3D design and creative problem solving education to prepare the next generation for the coming future.

The 3D Design App
for Schools

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