Basic Toolset Introduction

Start is all about combining different basic shapes together to come up with complex designs by moving, scaling and rotating them.

Add Shapes

You can add new shapes by clicking on the bottom left button "Add" and selecting a shape from there (e.g. a "Cube").


You can select and deselect object by clicking on them. Actions only apply to objects that have been selected.


Tools "Move", "Stretch" and "Rotate" can be selected from the bottom right. The "Move" tool is preselected by default.


The camera can be moved around by swiping the screen with your finger or moving the mouse holding down the left mouse button when using the desktop web browser version. You can zoom in the camera by pinching your fingers on the screen or using the scroll button on your mouse. To change the camera?s focus, swipe the screen with three fingers or hold down the right mouse button while moving the mouse.

Advanced Toolset


Selected objects? color can be changed by clicking on the second bottom left button by either taking a color from the "Swatch" or selecting a custom color under "Wheel".

Add Textures

Select an object and pick a texture to apply it to any model.

Photo Texture

Take your own photo and use it as a texture.


To type in 3D text, select "Text" button from under the "Add" button. Then type in the text and click "Make".


To make a duplicate object of the selected one, click on the third bottom left button "Edit" and then press "Clone".


To deselect all selected objects, click "Deselect" under "Edit" button.


If several objects are selected, you can group them by clicking the "Group" button under "Edit". This means that you can click on any object in the group and all of the group objects will be selected or deselected. If items are already grouped, you can click on the "Ungroup" button under the "Edit".

Save, Export

The "Menu" button is located in the top left corner. You can save and load projects, export in .obj or .stl format from under it and also find various settings there.


The top right button takes you to the Feed where you can see what 3D models other users have made and upload your own. Every model in the gallery can be downloaded, edited and reuploaded.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use the 3DC editor?

Why can't I share stl-s?

Check if your email (Gmail) account is connected in your phone. We share files and screenshots through email applications.

How to pan the camera?

Slide with 3 fingers to pan the camera.

Do I have to send you data?

No, you can turn off sending data from the settings menu. We collect data to understand how our app is used and which features we need add to make it better.

How to make Youtube intros?

You can make all the 3D models in our app and then export the .obj files to Blender where you can make the animations.

How to cut objects?

Move the active object(s) over the passive object(s) and press "cut", the passive object(s) will be cut by the active object(s).

What export formats do you support?

We export files in .stl for 3D printing and in .obj. You can use other software like Blender to transform .obj into desired file format.